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Teaching Lila to Text

I turned my old iphone on for Lila so I can keep in touch with her while she’s with her dad. Part of the process is teaching her to text message. It strikes me – when do we begin to incorporate our vernacular shorthand into our everyday language? Lila text back to me, “don’t call me LOL! my name is Lila!”. LOL!!!!

Miss7 and Money

So about a month ago I see my daughter wandering up and down the street with a bucket full of things talking to people and ringing doorbells.  Yes, I felt compelled to investigate.

Mommy:  “Lila, what are you doing?”

Lila: “I’m selling things, Mommy.  I want some money.”

Mommy: “What?!?  What are you selling? (looks in bucket, sees a half chewed gum pack, dead glow in the dark sticks, a half used craft project) And why do you want money?  You cant pander to the locals!  That’s not allowed here!”

Lila:  “I just want money.  I can sell these things.”

Mommy:  “No, you cant.  There’s a No Solicitation rule for this park.  Besides, if you want money I’ll give you chores and you can earn money.”

Lila:  “Oh, I dont want to work, Mommy.  I just want money.”

Sigh.  However, I make her come in the house, and we develop a chore list.  It’s pretty easy, mostly involving her doing her reading and homework, picking up her things, giving the cats food and water, putting various stages of laundry in its appropriate spot – that stuff.  She eagerly went about filling in her excel spreadsheet with star stickers as she acheived her chores, and has followed through over the last month.  Between the 12 bucks she earned (three dollars a week) and the six pounds of change she’s managed to accumulate we went shopping at Target with her 21 dollars.  It was way fun to watch her choose what to spend her money on.

She bought:
1.  A Hello Kitty doll from the dollar bin
2.  A bendy metal velvet flower thing from the dollar bin
3.  Some gel cling stickers from the dollar bin
4.  A butterfly wallet to keep her money in (this was the most fun to watch – “What?  That one is ten dollars!?!? I’m not going to spend ten dollars on a wallet!  Target has lost their mind!  Where’s the cheaper ones?”)
5.  The crappy new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory dvd

Oh, and that bucket?  I later found it out at the end of the driveway full of that half used crap with a sign that read, “Take one, leave a dollar.”

An Indication That The Child Is Feeling Better

Mommy leaves the room

Child begins to jump on her mini trampoline

Mommy returns

“What? There is no jumping on the trampoline! Sick children do not jump on the trampoline! Sick children lie quietly on the couch under blankets, drinking fluids and letting their little bodies rest and recover from their colds! You have a fever. Where are your socks? It’s too cold for no socks! Locate your socks! Return to the couch! This is not a Fun Day, this is a Sick Day!”

Child stamps, flails limbs about and wails

“You never let me have any fun!!!!”

Child finds socks and returns to the couch, pulling its knees up to its chest, crossing its arms, protruding its lower lip from its face, and glowers at Mommy

Yea, she’ll be just fine : )

Yea, I know… “Where You Been?”

This time of year is always full o sparse postings as I’m busy getting things made for xmas gifts. Luckily, my fam always gets together AFTER xmas, so I get a few days of extra Hooker time, which is nice.

Work’s been crazy busy – I’ve been getting rid of the many flavors of Rats (those pesky buggy things that always pop up and multiply like rabbits that arent super important but must be taken care of nonetheless) this week, as well as catching up and keeping up before my lovely 10 day break from work. Yaay, xmas. : )

Lila is such a good girl. I attended an assembly last week at her school where she received a merit award for reading. What a good girl! I am so proud of her. : )

I got a new phone… an iphone, if you can believe that, which rounded out my istuff quite nicely. It’s a glorious little toy that everyone loves to play with. The best part – work is going to reimburse me for it since I use it for text, IM, and phone contact with my peeps who need library stuff. Even Lila loves the little thing and runs around the house snapping pics like crazy. Here’s some of my Lila iFavs:

And my Favoritest of all…

Oh yea, speaking of iStuff, you *so* have to check out the The 2007 Holiday Guide To iCr@p

Been really busy pumping out hat n scarf sets. Like this one, for my niece. I figure it’s safe to post it here, cuz she is 3 and definitely doesnt read my blog. =P


Tattooed Lila


Apparently, *THIS* is what happens when you leave your child unsupervised with the temporary tattoos she got last night in her Halloween goody bag….


When I asked her about her reasoning for putting it there, by her mouth, on her face, she replied, “I wanted everyone to see it, Mommy.” Yea, you sure covered that base, Lila!

Note to Self – stuporvise the child/temporary tattooing application….