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I got fired today. *lol*

It was not a good morning, not by any means. My little one was sleeping in, and pushing our time table into the danger zone, so I go in and try to gently wake her. She, my happy creature, buries her head under the covers and ignores me. This is not a good sign.

I finally rouse her and we sit down at the breakfast table over oatmeal.

(child glares)

“Mommy, I didnt want oatmeal! I wanted waffles! How could you give me oatmeal?”

“Well, Lila, I thought you could use a little variety, and besides, you like oatmeal. It’s peach.”

“Well… not this orange kind! I dont like orange!” (mind, this is the exact same peach oatmeal we’ve been eating successfully for years)

“Okay, I’m sorry. However, it is too late now to make a new breakfast (Mommy glancing nervously at the clock, as we are now officially 5 minutes over schedule). I suggest you eat what you’ve got. I will make you waffles next time.”

(child takes bite.)

“AAAUGH, Mommy! This is too hot!!!” Um, have I mentioned that it’s been sitting for nearly 15 minutes as I wake the child, then proceed to argue with the child for the remaining 10?

“Really? Interesting. Well, tell you what. You go get dressed and I will put this in a tupperware for you to take to daycare.” We then ‘discuss’ this for 3 more minutes until the child finally stamps away, waiving its limbs and carrying on about not liking to eat breakfast at daycare.

5 mins later –

“Lila, how would you like your hair brushed today? A ponytail? Braids?”

“I cant decide, Mommy! You decide for me. You pick.” I then proceed to brush her hair and pull her bangs out of her face, pinning them with a bobby pin. I brush the rest. It looks really lovely.

“What is this? Mommy, this is awful! This is horrible! Why didnt you do a pony tail? Or braids?”

“Well, you said it was my pick. Get your shoes.”

“But Mommy, my hair is ugly and I hate it! It’s awful!”

“Okay, then fix it at school. We dont have time now. GET YOUR SHOES, PLEASE!”

“But Mommy -”


(child bursts into tears, gets shoes, and finally makes it to the car)

“Mommy! You were supposed to do my hair in a way I liked it! Not like this! A pony tail, or braids!”

“Lila, you did say it was my choice. So, I chose. I love your hair and I think it’s beautiful. If you dont like it, have a teacher re-do it for you at school.”

“Mommy, it’s not what I want!”

“Well, you said it was what *I* wanted! So I picked it, and I like it! If you wanted just a pony tail or braids, you should have said something. You need to work on your communication skills, Lila.”

“That’s it! You’re fired!”

(Mommy laughs hysterically, enraging the child)


Daniel suggests I unionize so I can strike if I’m unhappy with conditions. : )


Catchin’ Up

been busy… work was crazy with stuff after xmas break, and then i’ve had a pretty nasty cold distrubuted by some beloved member of the household. but, today is a rare luxury – Lila is with the Luceros and Daniel is working. yup, i have a day of quiet all to myself. : ) and Daniel was soooo quiet this morning, i slept till 10. wow!

so i’m tired of Pogo for the time being and relatively caught up on my crochet and email, so i think i’ll catch up on post i’ve been meaning to do.

of course i crocheted gifts for the family. : ) I made Gramma a nice lap ‘ghan/shawl out of Bernat’s Galaxy, in Saturn. It was hateful yarn to crochet with as it got all tangled up in its gobs of fiber that makes it nubby boulce. but, the shawl turned out pretty nice and very warm.

I made a plain hat n scarf set for my Dad out of TCL Amore in Navy, and a doily for Mom. I was just kinda messing around with pineapples, and the doily started to bowl, so I ran with it. it would be perfect for holding potpouri or under a bowl or vase, and i think it turned out pretty cool.

we also took a marvelous trip to Salt Lake to visit with the fam; everyone was there as Gramma, Dad, and StepMom drove up from Albuquerque. it’s cold there and Lila needed a hat and scarf. I whipped one up in record time on xmas day out of Moda Dea Wild in Hot Tamale and Aunt Lydia’s size 10 cotton in Red. It’s a very interesting combination and made for a sturdy, warm, and heavy combination. We’ve already lost the hat (dammit!), but i’m hoping it will turn up at Mom’s somewhere. Turned out really cute, though, and Lila was so excited to open it.

we all had a great time hanging out with the fam and Lila really came out of her shell. : )



Bah, Humbug!

You know, I don’t celebrate Christmas. I’ve not cared much for it since I was about 8 and learned that trees die when you cut them down. And let’s not even go there about this split from something spritual and family oriented to a commercial free-for-all at Target and Best Buy. But anyways. Back to our story.

So I volunteer an hour each week in my daughter’s school library when her class is there. The librarian and I take turns reading books to the children, sometimes I tell stories, and we help the children find books to check out for the week. I arrive early yesterday, and the librarian eagerly tells me about this exquisite pop up book she wants to read, how she knows the author and that the book is beautiful, and then she drops the bombshell – it’s the 12 days of xmas, and she expects me to sing it. Uhhh…. right.

We begin by introducing the book to the children, and turn to the first page where I begin, “on the first day of xmas, my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree.” k, got that part. Then, “on the second day of xmas, my true love gave to me…. pause… (insert image of me leaning over the librarian frantically trying to read the text of the book because I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE WORDS ARE TO THIS FRIGGIN’ SONG).” yeah, it went like that.

By the fourth day of xmas, the librarian figured out I did not know this particular xmas carol and would intentionally SHOW me the page so I knew what to sing. Sigh. By the fifth day, she’s begun to sing, too, and has encouarged the children to join us, even selecting one vocal young’un to solo ‘the partridge in a pear tree’ part (of course… it’s the one part i knew). All the children are merrily singing along, me stumbling along, trying to figure out what gift is next while simultaneously remembering the sequence as we count back down, and I look down on to the face of my lovely Lila. She is sitting there, slack jawed and more than a little confused with all this merrymaking and group sing-songing; clearly she doesnt know the words to this particular xmas carol, either. I simultaneously feel bad that I’ve maybe let her down a little bit yet happy that I’m not the only one who doesn’t know what the hell’s going on.

I read them a book about Hannukkah when we finished the carol travesty. For Jen. : )

Angry Octopus

Oh, and have I mentioned that I am the Mother of the most wonderful, creative little child ever? She came home with this the other day, proudly proclaiming, “Mommy, this is Angry Octopus!”

Now why would he be angry? Could it be because he only has seven arms? Maybe that one of his arms is sort of stuck onto him as an afterthought? Or perhaps because he’s recently filled up his pickup truck at the gas pump or paid five bucks for a thing of creamer at Vons? He looks a little on the psycho side, but I dont think Lila’s learned that vocabulary word just yet. Just look at his eyes… and that maniacal grin… I totally empathize with that look. yeah, he’s nuts.

But I love him so. How could you not? Angry Octopus rocks!!!

Presents for Grammy, Grandpa, and Tanta

I have the sweetest little child ever. Lila got a box of clothes and goodies from Grammy (my Mom), Grandpa Jerry (my stepdad), and Tanta (my sis), and was so delighted that she decided to make some mail for them. She drew pictures and made art, then took colored construction paper and ‘wrapped’ them, complete with white printer paper strips for ribbon. She even made tags, bless her gentle heart, although she wrote ‘to’ Lila instead of ‘from’ Lila. Nonetheless, I think that’s pretty darn good for an unsupervised five year old!!!


The Sweetness of Mommy-Hood

My sweet Lila… she brought this home a few days ago, and isn’t it the cutest? Teacher asked, and wrote Lila’s responses.


Awww… It’s so sweet to see how my little creature is becoming her own person and I love these little insights into how she thinks. The answer “Mommy is special because… she is.” that is so classic of Lila. She will say ‘because’ or ‘it is’ if she lacks the vocabulary or abstract thought to answer, and sometimes I think if she really doesn’t understand the question. ‘Special’ is pretty abstract for a five year old, I think, so it make sense. And I adore that she is impessed that I know about her birthday. After 2 weeks late and 5 days of prodromal labor, who could forget??? *lol*

She’s such a sweet thing. She loves to play ‘mailman.’ She’ll work at making a card or a picture, and will fold another paper around it, tape it, and deliver it to us, or her teachers. Last week, she asked for a new swimsuit, and I told her we didn’t have enough money to go shopping right now and she had to wait. She came back a half hour later with little circles and rectangles cut out and colored and said, “Here Mommy, here’s some money. Let’s go shopping!”

Lila’s B-day Presents

so for Lila’s b-day i took her down to Corona at this horse farm for a pony ride… already my beautiful little baby is asking me, ‘Mommy, let’s go to the store and buy ponies to ride!’ that’s my girl!

honestly, i was apprehensive as to whether or not she would actually ride a horse – they are quite bigger than her, and lately she’s been more cautious with things, but no. she jumped right up there and rode till the last possible minute. she chattered and patted the horse, saying things like, “Pearl is my friend. i like Pearl!” we stayed for about a half hour petting them through the fence and talking about horses. it was fun.

we also had a bbq on Saturday for her, which was great fun! Lila had a blast running around and playing with all the kids, and i had fun playing hostess. we grilled burgers, chicken, and hot dogs. Candace made a salad, and we all had birthday cake after dinner. it was a great day and i believe my little one had lots o fun. : )