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Digweed ~ Fabric 20

quality Digweed, very good. this cd is more on the mellow side, but is not lacking in excellence by any means. very consistent flow and rhythm, the tracks weave a nice sound together. you begin in one place, but end up in somewhere completely different by the end of the cd; you don’t notice the subtle transition at all… you just look up out of your musical journey and realize that you’re not where you thought you’d be.

track 3 is my fav; i love the ethereal vocals and gentle tone. tracks 7-9 remind me of 80’s electronica, like Ministry’s Twitch and, to a lesser extent, some of the remixes on the 12 Inch Singles.

the best part is that Lila likes it, too. it’s not often anymore that i can listen to a stretch of music without getting assaulted by musical critism in Childese coming from the backseat. but she does dig it; i caught her pounding her My Little Pony’s head into the car door on beat while humming, bless her heart.

for sure, add it to your collection! : )