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Sewing Thread

So recently I was inspired to try my hand at crocheting with sewing thread. My goodest buddy, Tina of Secret Crochet Pals, made the neatest little doily out of this rainbow varigated sewing thread. So, I thought, “oooh, that’s neat and I want to try!”

So I chose a large, 15 round, 13″ pattern that called for a size 10 thread and a size 7 hook. Since the theme on CLDX, which is what these doilies were for, was fall colors, I dug around and found three shades of orange/brown for my experiment. I chose a size 9 hook.

I really, really love how it turned out, but it’s way smaller than I expected! I figured I’d be close to 8″, no…. it was a little over 4″ (but sure makes a cute little coaster!). I love the texture of the sewing thread, and the unusual color scheme that the three related hues created. I love how it lies flat on it’s own, yet remains soft. I hate how the pesky, silly little threads would slip off the hook, which made crocheting this take longer than normal and border on the “I’m about to throw you against the wall” level of frustration. Will I do this again? Absolutely! But I think i’ll use 6 strands of thread instead of 3, and a larger hook. : )


And since the requirements for this swap is 1 8″ doily or 2 4″ coasters, I whipped this cutie up, too.