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Pouch for Me

Made this little thing over the weekend. I originally was going to put my gum and lipbalm in it, but decided it was a great little pouch for storing my ipod goodies. I used this lovely eyelash yarn I got from one of my Secret Crochet Pals and a strand of dark blue size 5 thread to make it easier to work with. I really like how the colors striped up.

Cool, huh?

Glove Purse

This is the Glove Purse from Old-Time Crochet Made Easy. Originally, this little purse was made with a size 50 thread and was teeny enough to tuck into a glove to hold ‘Mad Money’ in case you needed to find alternate transportation home from a date. The pattern in the book calls for size 10 thread and a size 7 hook, but I used a size 5 thread and a B hook, planning to use it for all the change and loose dollar bills that end up floating around in my purse. I also put a snap on the purse instead of the ball and chain closure, which attaches to the flap and runs through the center of the first rounds. I figured the ball and chain would drive me nuts, so snap it became. I’m really pleased with how this one turned out. : )


Pouches for Judy

When I saw that my partner for this round of the CLHBX liked pouches, I was in heaven! I’m a pouch fanatic and love to make them. So… here’s my pouches. : )


The purple one was built spiral style in a hdc, a simple flower around a ring for the button closure, and the other was a shell stitch. I’m in love with the shell stitch one!!!

Secret Pal Stuff

sent off my first puffy for this go-around of Secret Crochet Pals. my pal knows who I am, so I’m posting these pics as I’m pretty durned proud of how these projects turned out.

First, the bookmark

i made this using one of my favorite motifs, which I’ve used with thread, yarn, embroidery floss, ribbon… you name it. it’s a great motif for any project; join them for scarves, ponchos, shawls, skirts, blankets, or use them on their own as a decorative piece.


the pattern is as follows:

ch 6, form ring
sc, ch3, sc 12 times, 12 loops made
sc. ch3, sc 12 times, 12 loops made
sc, ch6, sc, ch3 12 times, 12 loops made, 6 large 6 small
sc in ch3 loop, 6 dc ch2 6 dc in ch 6 loop around, 6 petals made

if you join the motifs, simply interlock the motifs at the ch 2 space between the dc stitches.

The Hook Holder

omg, I am sooo impressed with myself here! I love this thing and plan to make one myself. I used a steel hook size 00 and size 10 thread.

hook2 hook1

this is a simple pattern, too.

ch 4, form ring
10 sc in ring
2 sc in each sc, 20 sc
sc in sc, 2 sc in sc, 30 sc
do not join
build spiral style in hdc until pouch is the length you desire
for the flap, hdc across halfway, turn
hdc across, turn
hdc dec, hdc, hdc dec in last 2 stitches, turn, repeat until triangular flap is made, fasten off

for edging, join w/ sl st at the edge of the flap
sc, ch 3, sc to tip
sc, ch sc in tip
sc, ch sc to end (matching the loops you created on the other side. make sure it’s an even number), turn
sc, hdc, dc, picot, dc, hdc, sc in loop
sc in next loop
repeat, placing sc, hdc, dc, picot, dc, hdc, sc in loop on tip
sew on a button and you’re done!


made these awesome pouches over the last month or so for my hooks n stuff. the green and yellow one holds all my Bates and bamboo hooks, and the purply one holds my stitch holders (which are actually cheep earring hoops), scissors, steel hooks, tapestry needles, and has a pouch on the outside that holds my little round tape measure. there’s a plastic pocket protector inside that keeps the steel hooks and scissors from poking thru the yarn (i kid you not – Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, who provides lots of databases for work, sent the pocket protector to me as a promo thingie).

crochet 018