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Pouch for Leslie

Every month (except November and December) CL does a 24 Crochet A Thon (CAT), where we chat on IRC for 24 straight hours about all kinds of crochet and non crochet things. Each hour someone wins a CAT PAC of a few crochet related goodies. This month’s CAT PAC theme was crochet aids, and who doesnt need a cool pouch for hooks or something else? So I made up a small, quickie pouch for Leslie.


I did my typcial pouch pattern,

ch 4 form ring
hdc 10 in ring
hdc 2 in each stitch
hdc spiral style till desired length
hdc halfway across, turn
hdc across, turn
dec, hdc across to last 2 stitches, dec, repeat till point reached, creating a triangular flap, end off
join at edge of flap, sk stitch, shell, sc, shell, repeat to point, create a chain loop to fit chosen button, repeat on opposite side, end off
sew on a button, and you’re good to go!