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Made these stars for my last secret crochet pal on Crochet List. They can be coasters or ornaments or motifs or whatever! I found the pattern online.


Star Bookmark


I made this star bookmark for the last round of Crochet List’s Secret Pal Exchange. I used a star looking motif I learned years and years ago and some silvery thread I had in my stash. It’s super easy to make and works up fast! The motif is to sc, ch3, sc in a ring, sc, ch3, sc, ch6 for the next round, and then sc, 5dc, ch3, 5dc (in the ch 6 loop), sc around, finish off. Connect at the appropriate corners. This motif makes a super lacy afghan with WW yarn or a gorgeous shawl or table cloth in thread. Super pretty!

Apple Doily


Aint this so fab? This is a gift to my good friend Cindi Trainor cuz we are Mac freaks.

I graphed it and made it in filet using size 10 thread and a size 6 steel hook. I would increase/decrease in the corners of the squares where I needed a diagonal line to simulate the curves. It was a challenge; first time I’d done diagonals and I totally winged it, and I am really pleased with the results!

Baroque Doily


If it aint baroque… dont fix it. ha ha

I made this really awesome doily for my last partner in Secret Crochet Pals. I am SO pleased and impressed with it! It is made with 8 triangle motifs made out of size 10 thread and a size 6 steel hook. Oh, and blocked to hell and back to get that sharp triangly shape. The motifs came from a really awesome Japanese motif book a friend Ruth gave me. I’d share the title, but, well, I cant read it. Thankfully, the book graphs all their motifs.

I love this doily!