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Toys for Izzy’s Toy Chest

August’s Crochet List charity challenge featured Izzy’s Toy Chest, a charity that gives toys to hospitalized children. I made two of my family’s crochet bunnies. Both my sister and I had these bunnies as children and loved them; Lila has some, and lots of little ones in my social circle have them, too. This is a special pattern; my maternal Grandma made these for all the kids so we are fond of them.


I *believe* my Grandma created this pattern, but I’m not sure. If you have any info on this pattern, I’d love to hear from you.

Toy for a Tot

made this little cradle purse for a co-worker’s daughter, who turns 3 in a few weeks. i’ve made some of these for my Lila and she loves them!

i made the cradle purse and one little blankie – the little blankie is a filet style square with a heart design, which turned out cuter that i thought. i’ll have to make a few more for the CL granny square exchange and for Daniel’s ‘ghan.

i also changed the handles for the cradle purse; this family has another little one under a year, and if the 3 year old is anything like my Lila, one needs to be quite cautious about things that can be used to tie another thing up. so… instead of the drawstring handles i made quickie handles out of basic single stitches. i made them short so they wouldn’t fit around a baby’s head, and i actually like the little handles over the drawstring ties. although it doesn’t make the purse very tight, i think the little handles will be easier for little hands to grab.